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Photo Impressions: The Selaron Steps in Rio de Janeiro
May 8, 2017
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Tripabouts meets Marco Buch

Marco Buch – a travel writer and blogger with an adventurous spirit, a photographer and film producer; author of Making moves.


Do you remember the first foreign place you visited and what are your memories about it?

I visited foreign countries from an early age on together with my parents, but all I remember from those trips is big plates of seafood and dancing until late in the hotel clubs. 😉 My own  first trip far away was to India in 1999. I still remember the strong feeling of surprise when I landed in Chennai and realized how incredibly different everything was over there.  I was completely shocked, but in a good way. I got instantly hooked on the buzz of being on the road and I guess that’s when I caught the travel bug…

Was there a moment in your life when you thought that you probably should have started doing something else instead of globetrotting?

Oh, I’m doing something else all the time! 😉 Travelling just always seems to be a part of it. After all I’ve tried and all the places I’ve been to in 70 countries, I feel like I am exactly in the right spot now and very happy about how my life has developed.

Which country or countries you (can) happily return to over and over again, and why?

Good old Thailand is like my second home, I have already spent 1,5 years there combined. The quality of life and the ability of people there to cherish each and every moment is something I cannot get enough of. Plus the incredible food and all the wonderful places! Other countries I always enjoy returning to: Mexico for its language, food and music. Italy for its food and stunning buildings. Myanmar for the friendliest people I have ever met and all the golden stupas.


If you can summarize the essence of “Life is a trip” and its message with just one sentence, apart from the title, what would it be and why?

‘Life is a trip’ is the name of my blog, I currently have two books published: ‘Making Moves‘ is a book about unusual ways from A to B (available in German and English). Riding a water buffalo in Myanmar, conducting a train in Cuba, driving junkyard cars all across Europe. The core message is that the most exciting travel experiences often happen when you least expect them: in between places. ‘Whatever work(s)’ is a book about the 91 stupid jobs I had worked in up to that date. Now I even have a few more… 😉 The core message of this one is that everything is worth a try and there’s something to learn from each and every experience, be it good or bad.

Watch out for my new book, it will be coming out very soon!


Can you share a story from your travels, that you will always remember?

Oh la la, you can imagine there are quite a few. Well, I always like the story of when I was riding a motorbike and met a hitchhiking monk on the side of the road in Cambodia. I took him to his house and he invited me in. His age-old grandma then offered me food and we posed for some photos together. As we shared no common language, we could only communicate with our hands and faces. It was a very beautiful and authentic experience that I will never forget! Read the whole story here.


What is the best travel advice you’ve ever received?

Go with the flow! Less planning, less fear, less guidebooks. More trust in the goodness of people and your own gut feeling and a strong belief that things will be just fine. Seriously, this has gotten me to the most incredible places and brought me the most unforgettable experiences.





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